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How the people from Alcalá are

Alcalá de Henares is primarily known for its university and rich history, but its inhabitants are the main reason why it is such a pleasant place to visit. Discover how are the people from Alcalá.

Cody Gage. Indiana, USA.

There are a few reasons why I know just how nice people from Alcalá are.

Reason 1

I get lost… A LOT, and as a result have to ask directions constantly. Coming from the Barajas airport in Madrid I got lost three times and had to take six buses to arrive at Hotel Campanile near La Garena in Alcalá. As I asked bus drivers and gas station clerks to redirect me, everyone in the surrounding area was eager to give their own advice on how to reach my destination, explain the bus schedules, ask where I was from and wonder why I was visiting Alcalá.

The helpfulness of everyone turned getting lost into an enjoyable experience and gave me quite a good impression of the city my first day there.

Reason 2

I lived with a host family for one month and loved every second of it. Stereotypes claiming that family is the nucleus of Spanish society (and Hispanic societies in general) are true, so good families equal good environments. My host family loved showing me how to enjoy their city and teaching me as much about their culture as possible by answering every single (numerous) question I had.

The majority of students in my study abroad programs have similar opinions in regards to their families, which, given my experiences in Reason 1, leads me to believe the people in Alcalá as a whole take pride in hospitality. Whether you’re just coming to visit or studying abroad, people genuinely care about making sure your experience in their city is the best it can be, even if they just met you.

Reason 3

It seems like some days Spanish just doesn’t come to me, but luckily forgiveness and understanding come naturally to Spaniards when you give a genuine effort to speak their language.

Every professor and cashier displayed an admirable amount of patience as I sometimes struggled to convert my utterances into coherent sounds.


The people of Alcalá will shock you with their helpfulness, kindness, understanding and genuineness. So don’t be afraid to ask for directions or strike up conversations in Spanish no matter what you think your skill level is. If you come in a bad mood, being in the atmosphere of Alcalá and its citizens can easily make you forget what caused you to be upset in the first place because everyone is working in a hidden web to help you enjoy your stay.

So come! You won’t be disappointed!

Photo credit: luipermom via photopin cc