Skiing in Madrid

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Would you like to ski in Madrid? Explore your options thanks to an American student who has visited Navacerrada, Valdesqui and La Pinilla.

Written by Victoria Haler, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Published with the authorization of CIEE Alcalá de Henares, where Victoria is completing a course of Study abroad in Alcalá. Visit the blog.


If you want to go skiing in Madrid, you have three options. The ski resorts close to Madrid include Navacerrada, Valdesqui, and La Pinilla.

They all have options for skiers of all levels; schools to learn to ski through runs that are difficult for experienced skiers. When you are ready to ski there are three different slopes: green, blue, and red. The green are easy, the blue are medium, and the red are the most difficult.

If you do not have your own ski equipment you can rent it for the day. It costs about $25.00 for boots, skis and poles and approximately $40.00 for a lift ticket for the day.


My friend, Diana, and I went to La Pinilla for the day and it was incredible! The views of the mountains and the campo below were beautiful. With the sun, it was the perfect day to enjoy skiing in the valley of riaza in Segovia, Spain.

Diana has skied since she was four years old, so her level is at the red slopes. I hadn’t skied for two years, and only a few times before that. I tried a red run with her and it was a challenge to say the least. The blue runs are better for skiers at my level.

Skiing in Spain seems much better than in Wisconsin because there are mountains instead of hills!




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