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Guided Tours through the Comunidad de Madrid

The Comunidad de Madrid is full of interesting routes to discover. We propose 15 guided tours for you to enjoy nature without leaving Madrid.

The guided tours through the Comunidad de Madrid is composed of fifteen maps – dropdown guides that explain in simple detail fifteen different routes to different parts of the region.

Most of the guided tours proposed are of low difficulty and very easy to perform, simple and designed to be covered by  foot or bicycle by the whole family and accessible for anyone.

These itineraries for different destinations and geographic areas in Madrid include information about the town – how to get there, what to see and do, where to eat or where to sleep – signaling and travel sheet, maps and photographs of the main points through which the route passes and worth not to miss, as well as recommendations to consider for the walk in these beautiful places an unforgettable experience.

  1. Itinerario por los antiguos molinos de La Hiruela → download pdf  >
  2. Ruta por las campiñas de Torremocha de Jarama → download pdf  >
  3. Senda ecológica de Canencia → download pdf  >
  4. De Oteruelo del Valle a El Paular → download pdf  >
  5. De Canto Cochino al Refugio Giner de los Ríos → download pdf  >
  6. Camino Schmid → download pdf  >
  7. Paseo por el Valle de la Fuenfría → download pdf  >
  8. Las Machotas desde San Lorenzo de El Escorial → download pdf  >
  9. Los Molinos del río Perales → download pdf  >
  10. Peña de Cadalso → download pdf  >
  11. Vía Verde del Guadarrama → download pdf  >
  12. Los paseos arbolados de Aranjuez → download pdf  >
  13. Titulcia, Laguna de San Juan, Chinchón → download pdf  >
  14. Los Sotos de Villamanrique de Tajo → download pdf  >
  15. Ruta del castillo árabe por el Parque de los Cerros → download pdf  >

To request copies of the route of your interest you can go to the Tourist Offices of the Community of Madrid. For any other inquiries or suggestions email destinos.turisticos@madrid.org

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