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Gastronomic Week in Alcala de Henares

The Gastronomic Week of Alcalá de Henares is a major culinary event in the city, and is celebrated through the first week of February.

In its 28th edition, the Gastronomic Week was held from February 3 to 9, 2014.

The associated restaurants under the umbrella of Fomentur (Association for the promotion of tourism in Alcalá de Henares), celebrate the first week of February a Gastronomic Week where visitors can taste and enjoy the most varied Complutensian cuisine, as well as other interesting proposals.

The first edition of the Gastronomic Week in Alcalá de Henares dates back to 1986, and each year it has shown the best and most varied of the Complutensian cuisine. One of its peculiarities is that, regardless of the chosen restaurant, all menus are the same price, 35 € (VAT included) both lunchs and dinners, so the visitor can be concentrated on the food, not the price.

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