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Stories on Earth. Free activity

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Stories on Earth-Discover the history and archeology of the Community of Madrid. Take part in a unique experience heading down into our past through the stories that give life to Romans, Visigoths and characters of modern times, while manufactured instruments and explain the main archaeological sites of the Community of Madrid.

Free access every Saturday except August. at 11:30 h. each skit will last about 30-40 minutes. Phone: 012-675 81 August 83

Alcala Year 55 D.C. (Complutum Alcalá de Henares)
Complutum Roman City of S. I, B.C.

Meeting Point Road Juncal s / n (near the confluence with Jimenez de Quesada). Coordinates: 40 ° 28 ‘25.23 “N-3 ª 23’ 9.78” W

The Nameless City

Dehesa de la Oliva, Paton. Roman City of the Dehesa de la Oliva (sI BC-AD) and Necropolis (S. V-VIII AD) Meeting point: M-134 from Paton de Abajo address Atazar km. Two. Forward on the path that ascends, crossing green lines Isabel II Canal, Canal reach the building and continue 400 m. Coordinates: 40 ° 53 ‘2.07 “N, 3 º 27’ 2.41” W

All roads lead to Rome

Fuenfría, Cercedilla. Roads Roman Road and eighteenth century. Meeting point: Environmental Education Center Fuenfría Valley, km. 2-3 d ela M-966. Scroll through the way up to the port to find the two stone pillars that mark the beginning of the path of Philip V, before the Barefoot Bridge. Coordinates: 40 ° 46 ‘29.81 “N, 4 ° 3’ 59.61” W

The Wonder Barbarians

Dehesa de Navalvillar, Colmenar Viejo. Villages Tardoromanas. (S. VII-VIII AD) Meeting point: from the M-625 km2 (Baese helicopter) take the first road to the right to continue to walk 800m. the main path of the source. Coordinates: 40 ° 53 ‘4.02 “N, 3 ° 27’ 14.77” W

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