Dream AlcaláNewsHumour and theatre improvisation at Teatro Salón Cervantes

Humour and theatre improvisation at Teatro Salón Cervantes

The theatre company Impromadrid will develop a comedy show based on theatre improvisation techniques next Friday, October 25 , at 9:00 pm at Teatro Salón Cervantes.

The event is part of the XX International Exhibition of Arts Humor, organized by the Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá (FGUA), through the Instituto Quevedo del Humor (IQH).

The Impromadrid shows are unique and unrepeatable, with a series of improvised pieces created from proposals from the audience, what they want to see on stage. Impromadrid has one goal both for actors and audience: to enjoy.

Each improvised piece is a new challenge and has its own rules. The audience decides what they want to see on stage: which characters, where the action happens, what style will the scene be, the title, the relationship between the characters, the first sentence, the position of all actors … Almost any stimulus is valid for start improvising, always with the help of the public.

Impromadrid is one of the best improvisational theatre companies in the spanish speaking world. Winners of more than ten international festivals in recent years, his productions have traveled all over the world (Brazil, Finland, Switzerland, Colombia, Holland, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Portugal…) , since 2000 they teach theatrical improvisation in Spain and abroad.

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