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Exchange Scholarships

Instituto Franklin – UAH offers exchange scholarships for students from Universidad de Alcalá. Having agreements with different American universities, the Institute calls for scholarships related to Humanistic and Social Science area for the academic year 2014- 2015, as follows:

Application forms will be admited from November 5th to January 10th.



Students will have to write an application letter to  Instituto Franklin’s Director mentioning what scholarship they wish to take and hand in the following information:

  1. Students must notify, in order of preference, the name of the university and the program where they want to study. It is highly recommended to look at the university web page. Those applications without this information will be excluded. Selection of scholarships will be written down in order of preference.
  2. Students must be registered at the University of Alcalá. Photocopy of the registration form and grades certificate where the average grade is shown
  3. Students are required to have studies at the School of Humanities, Economics and Philology. (The scholarship for graduate students is focused to the studies of       Humanities and Philology).
  4. Students must obtain around 80% in TOEFL results. The results must be handed during the last week of January 2013 at Instituto Franklin. The host university will determine if students will have to take another exam.
  5. A bank proof saying that students have at least 6000 or 8000€ available in a bank account.
  6. Three recommendation letters from three university professors, at least two must teach at the Universidad de Alcalá.
  7. Photocopy of DNI or Residence Card and passport
  8. Curriculum Vitae (résumé)
  9. Statement of Purpose giving the reasons and interests on the scholarship
  10. Those non native speakers students will have an oral interviw to demonstrate that they are bilungual students.


Applications will be submitted at Registro of the Universidad de Alcalá (Colegio de San Ildefonso, Plaza de San Diego, s/n) from November 5th to January 10th.
Applications will be evaluated by a committee who will send them to the host universities. The American Institutions will make the final decision.
For further information look at the web pages of the American institutions and contact to Antonio Fernandez at antonio.fernandezm@uah.es Instituto Franklin, Calle Trinidad, 1 from 9:00a.m to 5:00p.m. Phone number: 91 885 41 96.

NOTE: The Instituto Franklin is not responsible for the accreditation and transfer of grades. Students will have to talk about this procedure with the chair of studies of each school.

Additional information: