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Record of visits in the National Park of Guadarrama

The National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama has already become an attraction for nature tourism. Just in the three summer months, the number of visitors (600,000 ) exclusively in the Madrid side already exceeds the number of visitors in 8 of the 15 national parks in Spain throughout a entire year, as Monfragüe, Doñana, Cabañeros, Aigüestortes, Islas Atlánticas or Tablas de Daimiel.

Therefore, it is expected that having its first 12 months data, the National Park will be the most visited park in Spain. In those first three months the number of visitors in Madrid area has increased by 7 % over the same period last year.

It should be noted that foreign tourists have grown by 5 %, mainly from Britain, France and Germany. The increase in visitors has made the hotel industry has increased its activity around 10% over the previous year, especially in the cities surrounding the Puerto de NavacerradaValle de la Fuenfría and La Pedriza. The Comunidad de Madrid has designed a hundred free activities program.

These will be developed in three of the four visitor centers in the park: Valle de la FuenfríaPuente del Perdón and Manzanares. These activities are aimed at all audiences and offer workshops in situ or routes to walk, bike or train. The range of activities includes paths guided themed tours, horticultural or forestry work, lectures and talks, workshops and educational games and exhibitions, among others.

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