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Paratrooper Equipment Evolution Exhibition

Casa de la Entrevista of Alcalá de Henares is the chosen place to show the «Paratrooper Equipment Evolution» Exhibition 50th Anniversary of the Paratrooper Brigade.

From February 4 to 27 2014, the exhibition at Casa de la Entrevista of Alcalá de Henares will host the «Paratrooper Equipment Evolution» Exhibition, 50th Anniversary of the Paratrooper Brigade. It is possible to see the several equipment and gear used by the paratrooper brigade throughout the years.

The Paratrooper Brigade (also known as the Airborne Light Infantry Brigade «Almogávares» VI or BRIPAC) is an airborne brigade of the Spanish Armed Forces forms part of the countries light infantry forces, called Black Berets. Today is is considered one of the quintessential elite units of the Spanish Army, along with the Spanish Legion.

Inaugurated today February 7 by the complutense Mayor, Javier Bello, and the general of BRIPAC, Juan Cifuentes, can be visited until February 27 in Casa de la Entrevista.


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The Mayor Alcala and the general of BRIPAC have today toured the exhibition, which is open to the public in the Casa de la Entrevista (calle San Juan)  until February 27.

The exhibition shows models of uniforms for walk and jump in six decades, and the dedicated paratrooper uniforms and combat gear, how they were and what are the main and reserve parachutes, and other items such as rations of food, etc.

Furthermore, it contains a wide selection of photographs that provide a good insight into the BRIPAC history and also its links with Alcalá de Henares, where it  was seated for many of those 60 years of experience.

It has been recently closed an agreement whereby the former headquarters transferred to the University of Alcalá, besides housing the Central University Library will also be the final home of the Paratrooper Brigade Museum.