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International Museum Day in Alcalá

Every year since 1977, International Museum Day is held worldwide sometime around 18 May. Alcalá will be celebrating it with two open days and a new milestone in the itineraries of Complutum: The House of the Tragic Mask Lucerne.

On International Museum Day (May 18), Alcalá de Henares will develop various initiatives in its main visitable archaeological site: the Roman City of Complutum.

The most important is the inclusion of a new milestone in the itineraries of the public, the House of the Tragic Mask of Lucerne, who today visited the Complutense mayor, Javier Bello, along with the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Cultural Heritage, Jesus Dominguez and the mayor of Tourism, Marta Viñuelas.

This is a of 450 m2 floor private house which was built in the mid-first century AD, and is an example of the high level of assimilation of Roman culture in our region, as it embraces the typically Roman tipologies of atrium houses.

The remains were excavated and restored in 2012-2013, and now they have addressed the last tasks for recovery and open to the public, to accompany the visit to the basilica, the baths, the houses of Mars and the Atrium and the other elements of the archaeological Complutum Regio II.

In addition, on Saturday, May 17, at 11:00 a theatrical tour will start in the course of  “Historias de Complutum” activities, where a couple of actors representing to Complutensian citizens will accompany the public through the site main buildings.

Both Saturday and Sunday will be free entry to local archaeological sites: