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Eñe Exhibition. A Magazine for Reading. 10 years.

The “Eñe. A Magazine for Reading” exhibition gathers the graphic work of 26 different artists. Held into the Old Hospital of Santa María la Rica, the entrance is allowed until April, 24th.

Alcalá de Henares’ City Hall and La Fábrica organize the exhibition “Eñe. A Magazine for Reading. 10 Years”, which can be seen in the Old Hospital of Santa María la Rica till April, 24th. The sample, of an extraordinary quality, gathers the graphic work of 26 artists who illustrated many of the published numbers of the storytelling magazine, in a dialogue between literature and art.

Valerio Adami, Alfredo Alcaín, Fernando Bellver, Elena Blasco, Carmen Calvo, Miguel Ángel Campano, Ceesepe, Alberto Corazón, Roberto Coromina, Javier de Juan, Carlos García-Alix, Pierre Gonnord, Luis Gordillo, Ciuco Gutierrez, Ana Juan, Max, Sigfrido Martín Begué, Victoria Martos, Ángel Mateo Charris, Chema Madoz, Perico Pastor, César Paternosto, Luis Felipe Ortega, María Luisa Sanz, Sergio Sanz and Victor Sevilla “Monigote”.

Several of the original texts published in Eñe—“the distinguishing Spanish letter not present in any other language”, as stated by the Major, Javier Bello—create a network along with the artwork showed at the exhibition: a genuine route by the first ten years of living of the magazine. The masterpieces of the event are not but a manuscript by Elena Poniatowska—who will be awarded with the Cervantes’ Prize next April 23rd in Alcalá—and another piece by Caballero Bonald, Cervantes’ Prize 2012.

The Major defined the exposition as a “festivity of the senses; the smelling of paper, the possibility of delighting yourself with authentic artworks, flavoring the taste for culture and love of letters and, finally, of listening to authors with related music”.

Eñe. A Magazine for Reading. is a trimestral monographic publication. Each number of the magazine is devoted to a specific topic in which acclaimed and novices authors—most of all Spanish-speakers—participate with unpublished stories. The literary and artistic aspects of the magazine are linked through the illustrations that a guest artist makes for each number.

Since ten years ago, Eñe publishes marvelous texts by Elena Poniatowska, Mario Vargas Llosa, David Foster Wallace, Junot Diaz, Antonio Muñoz Molina or Eduardo Galeano—outstanding authors among more than 300 others who have taken part in its pages.

Some of the manuscripts by these authors could be enjoyed in such exposition of “Eñe. A Magazine for Reading. 10 Years”, as well as literary encounters—included as a part of the festival April of Cervantes, a must for every lover of Spanish letters.

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Exposición Eñe, Revista para Leer. 10 años