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The Stork Guided Tour

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This free guided tour for visiting Alcalá de Henares’ storks—promoted by the Local Department of Environment—will take place from March 15th to May 10th of 2014.

The Local Department of Environment of Alcalá de Henares promotes the free guided tour by storks’ nests of Alcalá. This initiative is comprised within the Education Environmental Plan for 2014. The route consists in a nice walk by the historical city center of Alcalá de Henares, during which you will be able to know how storks develop their daily life in their habitat.

Besides, these friendly friends will show you the main buildings of the city, as well as its historical and artistic heritage in a visit from Plaza de Cervantes (next to Cervantes’ Statue). The route is covered in approximately 2 hours.

Tour dates and timetables:

  • Saturday 15th of March at 12:00h
  • Saturday 29th of March at 12:00h
  • Saturday 12th of April at 12:00h
  • Saturday 26th of April at 12:00h
  • Saturday 10th of May at 12:00h


Taking part in the visit is free, but in case you are interested, you should book in advance:

For proper birdwatching, it is recommended to wear binoculars. For any further information, consult the route and siting of nests.

Here you can find the route and the nests map. If you prefer, you can download it in PDF format.

Ruta Guiada De Las Ciguenas

Additional information:


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