Dream AlcaláNewsThe rosette stone of our Islamic past

The rosette stone of our Islamic past

Over the last 21 and 22 were held the X Conference of Archaeological Heritage in the Community of Madrid, in order to raise awareness of the heritage and foster dialogue and exchange of experiences among professionals.

One of the major developments was the presentation of a piece, recently acquired by the Regional Archaeological Museum, which will be part of its permanent exhibition. It sheds new data about the Islamic past of the region. This is the first item retrieved on medieval Islamic Community and one of the few emiral chronology funerary inscriptions (prior to 929), collected in the Iberian Peninsula , with specimens preserved in Almería and Córdoba, cities with much greater Islamic establishment and previous which was supposed to Madrid.

After holding for nine consecutive years this meeting has become a vital forum for discussion among professionals involved in the management areas, intervention, dissemination and preservation of our heritage with special emphasis on the different aspects that affect our archaeological heritage region. Following the pattern of previous years, the conference took place in three thematic sessions that focused on the Islamic Madrid, paleontological sites in Madrid and Reservoir Plan Visitable .

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