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Record of international tourists in Spain in January

The communities with the highest number of international tourists received in January were the Canary Islands, Catalonia and Madrid. 2.9 million arrivals in January 2008, which until today was the highest value in the time series, were exceeded.

The international tourist arrivals reached a new historical high in January with 3.1 million tourists, with a variation of 12.3%, according to the Frontur – Frontier Tourist Movement survey.

With this figures, 2.9 million international tourist arrivals January 2008 were exceeded, which was until today were the highest value of the time series of Frontur.

All the main markets rose in January: UK 9.2%, France 19.5% and Germany 8.5%, but greater variation corresponded to Switzerland: 21.1 %. It also highlights the growth of the Russian market, up 14.4%.

Canary, in peak season, Catalonia and Andalusia were the communities that received the largest number of tourists, with significant increases of 13.7%, 13.6% and 23.6%, respectively.

Main markets

The UK market which accounted for 18.1% of total arrivals in the month, recorded a 9.2% increase and 552,526 tourists. Canary captured almost 50% of these British, with an increase of 15.8%. Catalonia also benefited especially the behavior of this market.

French market had the highest percentage change of main source : 19.5%, 493,432 tourists arrived, equivalent to 16.1 % of the total. The community that benefited from this rise was Catalonia, although significant increases in the French arrived in Andalusia and the Canary Islands were also experienced.

Germany reached 14.5% of total arrivals , with 443,335 German tourists, which accounted for 8.5% more than in January last year. This market also contributed to the increase especially tourists in Canary Islands, where 14.2% more Germans arrived. Also highlighted in this market increases were Catalonia and Valencia.

The Nordic countries issued 375,845 tourists, representing 12.3% and were up 9.8%. On the Swiss side, who held the biggest interannual change: 21.1%, issued 64,726 tourists, equivalent to 2.1 % of the total, and Russia, with a 14.4% increase , issued 55,901 tourists.

Main regions of destination

The Community of Madrid showed positive results for the second month, with 12.3% growth and 347,999 tourists, which corresponds to 11.4% of the total. In this community were from Latin America and France primarily responsible for the rise.

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