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Monacal Pastries Fair

Come and enjoy the best monacal pastries in the plaza de Cervantes of Alcalá de Henares. From 13 to 17 November Alcalá offers the most traditional sweets made by the most «divine» hands.

Alcala de Henares is well-known for its monacal pastries, and indeed there are sweets whose reputation goes beyond our borders. This is the case of Almonds of Alcalá you can acquire throughout the year at the Convento de las Clarisas. The nuns of Alcala also produce other delicious sweets such as Alcalá’s Ring-Shaped Pastries.

The tradition of nuns making pastries in convents is very old, but lately it has been spreaded the sale of these products in many of these monasteries, and also adapting to modern times they have come to supplement their sale in the convent with accepting orders over the Internet.

Also becoming popular is the product fairs of this kind, attended by a large number of convents to present their products and thus make them known and improve their sales figures. In fact, there are several companies engaged in the marketing of craft products made ​​in convents.

Salamanca yolks, almonds, avellanitos, sobaos pasiegos, paciencias or fritters are a sample of monastic baked goods that can be seen these days. Sweets from various monasteries and orders throughout the country, who have made a selection of the best homemade desserts, some with recipes dating back to the 12th century.

Monacal pastries Fair
Monacal pastries Fair

Typical home made pastries

Suspiros de monja, yemas de Santa Teresa, tocinos de cielo, huesos de santo, glorias, corazones de obispo, orejas de fraile y teta de novicia among others are typical names that indicate the origin of these products. But not only these make up the varied and convents are famous Almonds of Alcalá, alfajores, polvorones, marzipan and a host of them, typical of each convent.

If you want to learn about the range of these wonderful artisans, head to the plaza de Cervantes 13 to November 17, from 10 am to 10 pm.