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Laughs Assured with Rieloterapia Show

Rieloterapia Show is a workshop-show aimed at helping the public to rediscover happiness through laughs. February 16 at the Teatro Salón Cervantes of Alcalá de Henares.

The main objective of Rieloterapia Show, in addition to laugh, is to interact with the audience making them participants in everything that comes on stage in an original and fun way.

It’s a   solidary spectacle in favor of NGO’s, associations and groups that need diffusion, as in the case of the representation that will be held in the Teatro Salón Cervantes, where incomes will go to the Poor House Sacramental Brotherhood of the Forsaken Holy Christ and the Virgin of Sorrows.

Price of localities

  • Patio Chair -. € 21.30
  • Amphitheater armchair -. € 17.90
  • Front seat box -. € 15.10
  • Chair back stage, reduced vision -. € 11.50