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Carnival 2014 General Costume Contest video

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Discover what happened in the Alcalá de Henares Carnival 2014 General Costume Contest, which took place on March 2nd in Plaza de Cervantes.

Lots of talent, creativity and high doses of expertise between the awarded costumes in the several competitions held on the occasion of the Alcalá de Henares Carnival. The mayor and festivals councillor participated in the awards along with the jurors who determined the winners, comprising representatives of the Peñas of Alcalá.

Besides the high participation in the events, there were also lots of people to see both the  performance of “El Pulpo” (Saturday), as the chirigota “Los primeros en mojarse” (Sunday).

In Chirigotas we usually find about a dozen people. Their repertoire emphasizes especially couplets. Stand satirical aspects, metaphors related to life and society, and double meanings and interpretations in their lyrics.

In this edition, 3,000 € in prizes have been distributed, compared to 1,150 euros of last year. The prizes are:

  • Comparsas
  • First prize (1.000 €): Los click de Playmobil
  • Second prize (500 €): Montaña Rusa-Dragon Slash
  • Third prize (300 €): Míticos


  • Masks:
    • First prize (300 €): Tamara y Marta (autoras)
    • Second prize (200 €): Natalia (autora)
    • Third prize (100 €): Kika (autora)


  • Children:
    • First prize (Bicicleta): Gárgola
    • Second prize (Videoconsola): Torre de Santa María
    • Third prize (4 entradas Parques Reunidos): Trampa ratón y queso


  • General:
    • First prize (300 €): Cazadora de Dragones
    • Second prize (200 €): Caja de Música
    • Third prize (100 €): Amor eterno en el Imserso


On Wednesday the “Burial of the Sardine” will be celebrated, with the township promising some surprises. The cortege will concentrate at 19:00 in Plaza de Cervantes to begin the journey to the Huerta del Obispo, where the burial of the sardine will take place as well as the closing of Carnival with a fireworks spectacle. The parade, led by the Taller Danza Alcalá, will run along  calle Mayor, Plaza Santos Niños, calle San Juan and calle Cardenal Sandoval y Rojas.

Burial of the Sardine
The ‘Burial of the Sardine’ (Entierro de la sardina) is a Spanish ceremony celebrating the end of carnival and other festivities. The “Burials” generally consist of a carnival parade that parodies a funeral procession and culminates with the burning of a symbolic figure, usually a representation of a sardine. The “Burial of the Sardine” during carnival is celebrated on Ash Wednesday and is a symbolical burial of the past to allow society to be reborn, transformed and with new vigour.

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