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Why everyone should study abroad

Most of the time, when you pick where you want to go and study you have absolutely no idea what the city or town will look like. You have absolutely no idea how the people will be and which direction your year abroad will take you.

Natalie Burtenshaw, Brighton, UK.

In one word, that feeling can be summed up as: daunting.

And then, once you get to your destination, the surprise of the study abroad experience is breathtaking.

I felt compelled to make this video because I well and truly fell head over heels in love with Alcala de Henares. I had the most incredible year and wanted everyone to at least be able to see what the city that I had so dearly talked about looked like.

Watch my video so that I can have the honor of sharing this beautiful city with you too.

Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain. Erasmus year abroad! Natalie Burtenshaw, Brighton, UK.