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Taller Escuela de Restauración de Alcalá

Discover the Taller Escuela de Restauración of Alcalá de Henares, a unique place in which personal values and time variable acquire another dimension.

We live in a very quick world, too much even in some occasions. We have lunch in ten minutes, learn a language in six months and visit a city in four hours. We use information avidly, and news published in the morning are considered old by midday. These same lines are written with the distinctive speed on an online media, with barely time to settle ideas properly and to consolidate information.

However, there is a little stronghold, a magic space in which time acquires a new dimension. A place in which quality is really against hurry, where the only thing that matters is to do things appropriately, no matter how long it takes.

Such place is scarcely 15 minutes from plaza de Cervantes and it is called Taller Escuela de Restauración of Alcalá de Henares.

If you know our beautiful city or have taken a look to our section Places on Dream! Alcalá, you would have realized immediately the immense artistic heritage Alcalá holds. The Cisnerian University is a World Heritage treasure itself, besides many other religious buildings of Alcalá—the cathedral in first place, followed by tens of churches, convents, chapels, and so on—holding countless artistic jewels of great value from different periods of our history.

These works reflect an instant in time, some believes and costumes that compound our historical past and our current culture. However, the worst ally of art is time; there is a moment for every work in which it should undertake a restoring process to give its initial glory back. That is the only way by which next generations could appreciate our rich legacy.

The Taller Escuela de Restauración of Alcalá is almost an exception within the Community of Madrid, and so, it is also a treasure to keep and care. Within it, work is made professionally, with expertise and patience, but also with passion and desire of feeling satisfied of their individual and team work. It is a must in our current and competitive society.

A good restorer of art works have to be modest by definition. His work must be imperceptible so just the original work can be admired—totally contrary to the famous and well-known case of Ecce Homo in Zaragoza, which travelled around the world in 2012. Nevertheless, it could be almost impossible not to bind yourself emotionally in a restoration process that could take years, and for what it is necessary to unfold an immense quantity of technical resources in numerous occasions.

In this Taller Escuela de Restauración of Alcalá, you have the opportunity of enjoying this sensation by yourself. Both if you are born in Alcalá or foreign, you can do your bit on the conversation about our city’s historical heritage. You can keep away from daily routine and personal prominence to become part of something exceptional and much bigger than you.

The range of possibilities is wide and includes different disciplines. Courses of restoration and painting techniques are available, you can learn framework restoration techniques and molds and reproductions making; or sign up a course of furniture restoring.

Whatever you do, you will find high qualified staff, passionate with their job, managed by an exceptional director as José Luis Mateo, in charge of the course of such genuine istitutions since 1985.

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